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Evolving With the Changing Industry-: How Physiocorp and Figtree Health Care Diversify to Offer Solutions in Aged Care and the Wider Community

Our new publication, in the leading magazine, Aged Care Australia, by our Founding Director, Richa Pathak, explores the challenges the Aged Care Service faces. Both our companies, Physiocorp and Figtree Health, have evolved and diversified to adapt to the changing environments. The article explores the different programs that tackle the problems that consumers suffer. For example, falls in NSW, has costed NSW approximately $558 m annually, with third of all people over the age of 65 (is) expected to have a significant fall in any given year. This is where Physiocorp comes in, we have  Advanced programs, systems and plans, such as ‘The Falls Tracking Program’ that can contribute to the solutions that the Industry faces. In addition, our company has diversified to include community packages, for different needs! 


There are lots of different packages and plans and we are constantly adapting our methods to suit the changing environment, click on the link to read more about our company!