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Physiocorp offers a clinically effective and enjoyable hydrotherapy session for consumers living in aged care homes. We run therapist led private and group hydrotherapy sessions that assist in improving joint mobility and fitness levels of consumers.

Hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective way to safely improve joint function in arthritic patients with reduced loading in the water. Physiocorp provides a clinically effective, fun filled Hydrotherapy session. Strengthening in a heated pool under supervision, makes the transition to walking on land that much easier besides the benefits of reducing inflammation and joint pain.


This can be conducted at the aged care provider’s onsite pool or if the consumers live in the community, a session could be arranged by our coordinator. These pools would maintain the water temperatures to 34 degrees and along with the hydrostatic pressure it assists in reducing pain, inflammation, promotes healing,


Our rehabilitation centre at North Sydney, partners with local pools to facilitate these sessions and keep it accessible for residents in community, retirement living and aged care homes. 


These sessions can be rebateable.

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