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Falls Prevention

Physiocorp is committed to exceeding industry benchmarks in falls prevention. Our team creates a customised falls management plan for each aged care provider. From auditing to customised falls analysis and chairing falls committees our multidisciplinary team ensures covering all aspects of falls prevention. Our risk assessment and minimisation plans are carefully integrated with your care team’s plans enabling holistic, connected care. 


Falls Prevention Programs


Physiocorp’s team is committed to helping residents, staff and carers address falls risk from a multidisciplinary perspective. Managing risk factors such as balance, medications, Dementia, incontinence are few of many areas we look at in-depth to understand the causes. Our best-practice falls prevention programs include:

  • Hazard screening and environmental assessment
  • Footwear and clothing assessment (thinner, firmer soles improve foot position, tread sole prevents slips, a low square heel improves stability).
  • Behavioural and diversional therapy management planning.
  • Referral to our wellness clinic, falls and balance or reablement programs are options that can put some high falls risk factors right under microscope. Working with other allied health members or specialists as required, such as a urologists or cardiologists can also address some underlying issues.
  • Vitamin D and Nutrition levels can also often works as a standalone therapy to prevent further falls and reduce its impact.

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