Aged Care

Our Standard Aged Care Service ensures each resident receives an accurate assessment of their maximal potentials with a guideline directing individualized care and safety requirements. 

Standard Physiotherapy

Standard Physio

Standard Physiotherapy

  • Functional assessments
  • Individualised care plans
  • Post Incident rehab
  • Falls Balance Classes
  • Chair Assessments


Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

  • Chronic Complex Pain Assessment
  • Detailed Pain Management Directives
  • Pain management sessions
  • Complex Pain Reviews


Falls Prevention

Fall Prevention

  • Falls risk assessment and
  • Individualised Prevention Plan
  • Falls Awareness Meeting and Education
  • WHS - Audits and hazard identification

Our Story

Physiocorp was founded in 2014 when Richa, who had been working in Aged Care Industry as a senior physiotherapist for past several years, felt that she and her team of Physios could offer a more person centred and goal oriented care to elderlies living in aged care facilities.

A care structure which would respect resident's choices and preferences, keeping the entire experience of ageing as enjoyable and lively as it use to be for them became a mission for Physiocorp and ever since Richa and her team have worked hard with their many supporting clients maintaining their standards and ethics of care. 

Physiocorp is a team of young motivated professionals who believe in a clinically effective care model which can cater patient-specific needs. 

AFCI Consulting


Our ACFI consultants across Australia specialise in aged care compliance standards, accurate assessments, gap identification and optimisation.

Our service is individualised to your facility's culture and philosophy, catering specific needs and respective claiming.

We ensure a cost effective approach, exceeding compliance and ensuring best service to you and your residents.

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Physiocorp's Care on wheels offers various services depending on your needs and location:


We are registered with NDIS and can offer you or your patient, Physio, OT, Podiatry, Nursing service at their residence.


If you prefer receiving treatment at your home instead of a clinic/rehab, our specialist can visit and provide the care after suitable assessment. Our services can be fully/partially funded by medicare, DVA, Private Health Insurance or out of pocket.

Community/Retirement Village:

If you or your loved one lives in a Retirement Unit or in their home/community and require treatment for Chronic Pain, Fracture, Stroke, Chronic conditions like Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury or any acute musculoskeletal/neurological/Cardio-respiratory problem, our Physio, OT, Podiatry professionals can offer care at your preferred residence. Our services can be fully/partially funded by medicare, DVA, Private Health Insurance or out of pocket. 

Group Classes:

Falls and Balance, Strong Bones, Flexi You are group sessions are available at certain locations for elderlies to help maintain heathy ageing and avoid/reduce incidents like falls, fractures, arthritis.

These are an economical way of ongoing monitored healthy ageing. These can be rebated sessions through medicare, private health insurance, DVA, NDIS.

Contact us now, if you would like us to conduct these at your local centre or retirement village.

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Learning and teaching never ends for us...

Falls Prevention Education:

Who should attend:

Ageing Residents in Communities, Retirement Villages, Aged Care Facilities, Caring Family members, Caring and Managing Staff.

What it offers:

Identifying early signs of High Falls Risk tendency, proactive prevention, Care Strategies, Assessments

Manual Handling:

Who Should attend 

Care Staff and Non Care Staff in Communities, Retirement Villages, Aged Care Facilities, Caring Family members

What it offers:

Safe manual handling practices, identifying hazards, optimising strategies, work health and safety guidelines, latest technology awareness

Work Health & Safety:

Who should attend

Care Staff and Non Care Staff in Communities, Retirement Villages, Aged Care Facilities, Caring Family members

What it offers:

Awareness of WHS standards and guidelines, Safer practices, Self help exercises, Postural awareness, Better care strategies


Who should attend

Management and Care Staff at Aged Care Facilities

What it offers:

Insight into ACFI, accurate assessments, consistent and detailed reporting, personalised documentation

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